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What are the Cream gel DIY materials?

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A lot of kids who enter the pit with cream gel DIY bought the packaged cream gel package on the Internet, and then took back the configured material package to do it themselves. Today, we will make an inventory of what materials cream gel DIY can use.

Handwork is usually done on mobile phone case DIY, stationery box DIY, pen container DIY, storage box DIY and other objects.

What types of cream gel are there? What are the general colors? Characteristics of Cream Gum

1. Differences in packaging

Several types of packaging commonly used in the market: the packaging includes bag packaging and hose packaging (Xiaomanyao cream gel and jam in small bottles). The handle is different. The types of Xiaomanyao cream gel and jam are thinner, and some special decorative purposes.

2. What are the general colors of cream gel drops?

There are many colors of cream gel, which are very rich and diverse. When babies buy cream gel, they should pay attention to the difference between the color of computer display screen and the actual color in reality, because the color displayed on the display screen is different from that in nature, and the difference is generally small.

The hose cream glue 24 colors are shown in the figure:

The bagged cream glue is 41 colors, as shown in the figure:

Basically, we have all the colors we need. It should be noted that the bagged cream gel needs to be used with a decorative mouth and a decorative bag.

3. Characteristics of cream gel

The temperature of the cream gel is generally about 0-40 ℃. If the temperature exceeds this value, the cream gel will have some problems and cannot be used. If the area is cold, you can rub it with your hands in case of freezing. If the softened water and the gel are separated, congratulations! The cream gel is broken!

The cream glue drops are made of water-based resin. Generally, a 50ml cream glue can be used to cover the DIY of the phone case (experience~haha, there are more cream glue in bags, about 100g in a bag). Large phone cases need more.

Smell: The smell of butter glue is usually cream, with a light fragrance, which is very good, but it is not suitable to smell the smell all the time (you can't eat it). After all, it is resin material.

Curing time: about 24 hours, if the product is specially coated! especially! especially! If it is thick, the time should be longer.

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