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What do you need for DIY cream gel phone case materials

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unknown unknown publish:2022-10-06 09:13:13  
  • One transparent hard bottom soft edge shell with groove
  • Choose your favorite color for cream gel;
  • Cream glue decoration mouth (if it is bagged cream glue, prepare the decoration bag);
  • Resin accessories (some small accessories, dolls, glitter, etc.);
  • Auxiliary materials (toothpicks, etc.)

The grooved mobile phone case is like this, and the back will be slightly recessed.

Put the mobile phone case flat first, open the butter glue you like, and paint a circle on the mobile phone case first. You need to squeeze the drops of butter glue with a little force. When you use the butter glue, you can cooperate with the decorative mouth. The decorative mouth is very shaped, which can extrude different shapes, just like the cream on the cake. Then the inside of the phone case is also filled with cream glue, covering the phone case. You can change the cream glue according to your favorite color in the middle. After the cream glue is spread all over the phone case, it starts to decorate. Press your favorite accessories gently on the cream glue. At this time, the glue can open the brain hole until you are satisfied.

Finally, let the cream gel dry.

Take a look at the finished product:

You can buy the finished phone case directly, or you can buy the material package;

If you want to experience the process of making handmade cream glue, then please buy the material package.

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